What do I do after a car accident?

It can happen at any time, perhaps while driving along I-5 in Tacoma, or on a city street, or even in your own neighborhood. Maybe you were distracted by a song on the radio, or you had an itch. Or perhaps you changed lanes into a blind spot. Or you could have been driving absolutely perfectly, and someone came out of nowhere to smash into you. Now you’re the victim of a car accident.

These are serious! And they require a lot of care, both for you and for your vehicle. Your car needs to get checked out. No matter how mild the accident, it’s important to get it serviced so you can assess the frame and make sure the body is still sound. Well guess what, you need to get yourself checked out too. You may not feel it yet, most people don’t feel anything from a car accident immediately except for a sense of disorientation or nausea. That’s the adrenalin. It’s there to help you survive the experience. But it can mask the damage that was just done to you.

The medical profession can be a great place to go immediately, especially in more severe accidents or if you have hit your head. But all they can do for you is give you drugs that will numb your pain, relax your muscles and make you feel better than you are. You cannot heal when you aren’t getting the signals your body is sending to tell you just how beat up you are.

Enter Chiropractic. A Chiropractor can assess you for the mildest forms of injury that will keep your body from healing in the best way possible. A stress that big will subluxate you and interfere with your ability to heal. Getting adjusted can remove that interference and make sure that you will heal as quickly as possible. If you don’t get checked out, then these accidents can create long term problems that will get in the way of your health and wellness. I work with people years after their car accidents. I’ve even worked with people who have received care already for their car accident injuries.

Call Brilliant Life Chiropractic today if you’ve been in a car accident. We can help.