Chiropractic works with the innate forces inside of you and allows them greater expression. What we look for is the entity known as the subluxation. When you encounter stress, or even just an experience that you aren’t fully prepared to integrate, you can become subluxated. It is a natural process the body undergoes to protect you from further damage. Unfortunately it also prevents you and your body from expressing optimal health. Why would the body do that, and how does that work?

Think of a circuit breaker in your house. When there is too much of an electrical load (like the vacuum, the hair dryer, and the microwave) then the breaker trips. What happens? The power goes out to that part of the house. Great! Now the house won’t burn down. But not so great, the fridge doesn’t work anymore. You can flip the breaker back, and as long as you don’t try to overload it again, everything works. And if you upgrade the wiring, you can put more load on it before the breaker trips again. This is how chiropractic works. It flips the breaker back AND upgrades the wiring (the nerve system).

When you are fully connected again the innate forces of the body can go back to doing what they have been trying to do anyway. They can heal you! They can help you to reconnect with your true you, the one that knows how to be healthy from the inside out. It is a brilliant system, and every adjustment delivered here is meant to honor that system.

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