Chiropractic means wellness for the whole family!

At Brilliant Life Chiropractic, our mission is to empower and educate our community on how to live a Brilliant Life. Part of the way we do that is by focusing on the families of the community. We work with moms, dads, pregnant women, and kids. We will work with the elderly, as well as people who have been injured in a car accident or have had a workplace injury. We work with insurance plans as well as those who choose not to use it. Our goal is that you get the care you want, in a way that works for you.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain as the result of old injuries or chronic stresses, or if you’ve suffered a fall or some other kind of acute injury, Chiropractic can help you be the best you can be. Along with Chiropractic care, we offer massage therapy that is second to none, delivered by the incredible LMT, Erin Chamberlin.

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The Whole Family

Dr. Paul and Dr. Laelle have had special training on how to adjust and work with pregnant women and children through the ICPA, the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. They both love working with people of all ages, and the BGI framework is exceptional at allowing for adjustments to be both safe and effective for all of those people.


Children of all ages respond very well to Chiropractic care, and there is a great deal of research showing that it can be effective with children who have any number of conditions, including the common ones of ear infections, colic, or asthma. Adjustments for kids are very safe and look quite different than what people commonly associate with those for adults.


We also work with pregnant women, using a technique called the Webster Technique which is specifically designed to allow the pelvis to be in the optimal alignment, to make sure the uterus gets the tone it needs, and that the baby has the best opportunity to be in the right position. All of this combines to make labor and delivery easier and may decrease both the need for interventions and the duration of labor. If you know a mother who is looking to have as natural a birth as possible, Chiropractic needs to be a part of her plan.

Car Accidents

Chiropractic can be an effective part of working with concussion or whiplash injuries that are often the result of motor vehicle accidents. These sorts of injuries can have an effect on the brain and nerve system that prevent healing and can alter mood.

Immune System

Chiropractic has also been demonstrated to have an impact on the immune system. So, if you’re sick, feel free to come in. By balancing out the autonomic nerve system, it can have an effect calming allergies, and helping the body to recover.

Massage Therapy

In addition to Chiropractic care, we offer massage therapy. Massage is an incredible adjunct to Chiropractic, and the two working together can help get you to your wellness goals faster and more easily.

Nutritional and Exercise Coaching

Dr. Paul is a certified Primal Health Coach with the Primal Blueprint and can put you on a 12-week program designed to help you be your best inside and out. Ask him how it works and get on his schedule.