The answer is very simple, and you probably already know it. Healing comes from within you. It is a natural and innate force that is always working to make you healthy. It is governed by the innate intelligence of the body. This vital force has lots of names, like chi, ki, prana, or spirit, but they are all the same thing in essence. Without this intelligence, we would not be alive.

The expression of this intelligence through the innate forces of the body is diminished by each stressful experience that we have. If we are unable to integrate, evolve, and adapt, we buckle a little bit under that stress. Over time they add up, until one day we notice a pain, or a symptom, or a lack of function somewhere. The chiropractic adjustment is designed to find those patterns that limit us and integrate it fully, releasing the tension and increasing the flow of innate forces.

The power to heal and thrive is increased. The ability to live fully is present.

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