Why the Primal Lifestyle?

Information bombards us daily. New dietary studies are published in the news on the regular basis. Yet they serve only to confuse us by offering contradictory information. The USDA publishes their food pyramid which was not designed by using science. It came about because of whatever lobby groups could exert the most influence on it. Obesity continues to rise, and diabetes is becoming increasingly common. How can we work through all of the data that continues to make the news.

This glut of misinformation is why I think it’s important to have a philosophy of health to guide decisions, backed by basic science, of course, and not subject to the random whim of whatever study happens to make it to the news. The thing about news is that they are looking for headlines more than accurate news reporting.

Evolutionary principles make up the cornerstone of the primal lifestyle. We know from historical data some of how ancient tribesman used to live. Over hundreds of thousands of years there were certain foods we had access to and ate in more abundance than other foods. Our evolution across that time frame is still strongly with us today. To make the most of the genes that most of us still have, it behooves us to eat and live in certain ways. Ways that take advantage of our genes, ways that helps us to live longer, feel better, be fitter, and suffer less disease.

The principles in the Primal Blueprint dovetail nicely with Chiropractic philosophy, in that, listening to our bodies, giving it what actually nourishes it, and providing all that it needs are how we be healthy. Health does not come in the form of a pill or a surgery, and while those interventions are sometimes helpful to re-establish balance or to stop a process gone too far, it is our lifestyle that determines our health.

But how do we eat?

How should we move?

The answers are very personal, and different for everyone. And yet, for almost anyone, I feel that the primal lifestyle can hold the answers. It is an eminently flexible program, allowing for a variety of different eating and lifestyle habits. Not only that, it provides the education along with it, to help you be better.

I’m hosting a talk in my office, at Brilliant Life Chiropractic in Tacoma, on Wednesday, October 4th, at 7 pm. I encourage you to stop by if you are interested. I’ll be explaining the details of why it works, how it works, and if it’s right for you.

It’s not can you, it’s will you.

So will you?


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