What is BGI?

What is BGI? How does it help your Tacoma Chiropractors at Brilliant Life Chiropractic adjust you?

This video will help to explain the philosophy of this important framework to adjusting. The description afterwards will help to clear it up further.

What makes Brilliant Life Chiropractic different?

Every Chiropractor is unique, and each offers something different to help with your healing. Some forms of chiropractic are more reductionist in nature, looking strictly at pain, neck pain, back pain, etc. These generally do not also help with how to integrate health into your overall life. Some chiropractors look at the body more holistically, but still see the body as being under assault by forces that will always seek to tear you down.

One of the things that helps make us different is the framework that we use. It’s called Bio Geometric Integration (BGI).

BGI is a framework of understanding how stress incorporates into the body. It looks at how the energy of that stress can remain stuck there, distorting the body and creating pain, disease, and other symptoms. More happily, it also looks at how it can be integrated as an experience that we can learn, grow, and evolve from.

Quantum Physics and Chiropractic

You see, each and every experience we have is a stress that the body can adapt to. If you see the universe from a quantum physics perspective, you recognize that everything is merely a form of energy. What differentiates energy is its frequency, or tone.

What makes a table different than a person is the complexity of the tones that are present in its energetic structure.

With each new experience comes the opportunity to integrate that new energy into our own structure, awakening new patterns that may have lain dormant within us. Since we are the physical representation of our underlying energetic structure, as new pieces of it show up, we grow, we learn, and we evolve.

When the experience gets stuck in the system, a subluxation is created. When you have that happen, it’s like one instrument out of tune in a symphony. Physically, that creates a distortion, and tension, which puts pressure on bones and misaligns vertebrae. It also stretches or compresses nerves through other soft tissues, interfering with the body’s ability to coordinate itself.

The adjustment helps the body integrate that stuck experience, giving us another chance to grow, learn, and evolve. It also releases the tension on the nerves, and repairing the body’s ability to heal itself.

The adjustment, within this framework, can be as gentle as a light finger tip pressure, or as deep as a traditional osseous style force application. You know, that type that may get that cracking sound. Which adjustment is more appropriate depends on where the tension is located? How is it pulling through your system?

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