Wellness Programs

Starting this month Brilliant Life Chiropractic is proud to present wellness plans.

Let’s say you came in with a problem. It was painful, it was limiting, and under the tremendous care at Brilliant Life Chiropractic, you have¬†healed! You are living pain free, expressing nearly optimal health, and loving your life.

So now what?

Wellness care.

If you’re treating your car well, you don’t simply wait until the next maintenance to take it to the repair shop. No, instead you get oil changes regularly, whether it needs it or not. We do the same with our teeth. So, let’s do the same with your spine and nerve system!

The wellness plans at Brilliant Life Chiropractic are designed to allow you to come on a regular basis without breaking the bank. They include 2 or 4 adjustments per month, as well as a newsletter specifically geared to people who have moved through crisis care, through remodeling care, and are interested in taking their health to the next level. People enrolled in wellness plans also get additional discounts on adjustments, and any other services or products that Brilliant Life will have in the future.

Make sure you ask about this at the office next time you’re in. Keep yourself expressing optimal health and get adjusted regularly. These plans make it easy.

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