The purpose of Chiropractic

I had the honor and privilege of taking care of someone who was dying of cancer recently. When they came to me at the start of care, they had already been under treatment for some months. They had great energy and enthusiasm. By the last time I saw them, they were barely able to move. They had refused all pain medication, and wanted to be adjusted to alleviate some pain from a fall that was affecting their ribs, head, and neck.

What an honor. I am immensely humbled and privileged, as I said, to be invited to be in the presence of such a sacred space. Death is a part of life. As I write this, I have not yet heard if they have in fact passed on. As I adjusted them, I had to reflect on why I was doing this. So often I adjust with a particular intention, to clear out the system so that life can be present as much as possible. In Chiropractic circles we talk about saving lives, about freeing up life force, about allowing the body to heal and move on. What was I doing there?

Chiropractic is not about preventing death. It’s about clarity. It’s about lucidity and peace. This experience has brought a depth to the adjustment that I didn’t have before, as I reconnect to just how precious this life is. How delightful every single moment can be, if we let it.

The conversations I had with their family were about how they were at peace, and ready to go to heaven, but were hanging on to see their grandchildren one last time. It made me reflect on what was important to me, and who I would want with me at the end. Family for certain, friends as well. In fact, there is no one I wouldn’t want to see. All would be welcome.

I realize now, or perhaps saying that I remember is more accurate, that Chiropractic is about connection to the source of us, the innate intelligence, nay, the universal intelligence that is present in all matter. As we live and experience, we can get a bit disconnected from the awesome majesty of what we really are. We forget. We forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We forget that there are people who love us no matter what, and that love is always available to us. Life is for living. And Death is a part of life.

Thanks for reading.

Cherish this day.

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