Powerful Chiropractic Testimonial

An amazing testimonial to the power of chiropractic.

“This past Christmas, [someone with whom] I work … made a very unwelcome move on me. This triggered me to my core. I was back in an old dark place of being afraid of men, downplaying my appearance and wishing I was invisible.

It was in this headspace that I came in to see you. I apologize about giving you no heads up about why I was sometimes tense but I didn’t want to give any more energy to the old, unfounded fear that was running my life.

As it turned out, I couldn’t have seen anyone nicer or more competent. Maybe this is the holistic power in your chiropractic style and people have emotional breakthroughs all the time but big old blocks and distorted thinking patterns like being noticed equals danger are gone. I feel cleaned out and new, no longer afraid of people and no longer afraid to shine.

I went back to work… One of our local vendors there is a spiritual healer. Upon seeing me again he said my face and energy were like night and day, that I was glowing, and that I must be in a good place.

Dr Paul I feel like I can walk through doors I never thought were mine to open because I’m ready to wield my personal power. I’ve stopped shying away from leadership roles within the company I work in and have set my sights on a high position. My poi has shifted from exercise to performance. And so on. I thank the Universe for my once tingly right arm and achy left hand that landed me in your care. And I thank you for taking care of me in a way that has me taking my life to the next level.”

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of your journey in health and life! I am honored.

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