Health comes from within

Where does health come from?

The most common use for healthcare is to correct something when we are sick. This is based on an outdated and limited scope for what healthcare actually is.

Because what is health? Health is not the absence of disease. It is the optimal function and interplay between our organs, which affords us great mental clarity, emotional balance, physical ease, and enjoyment.

Can medicine bring health?

I would argue that it cannot. It is amazing at keeping us alive, at fighting disease, by making sure bad bugs don’t take us over, that we don’t bleed out, and that we get surgery when we absolutely need it. But it can’t do much if there isn’t something actually wrong.

Because real health doesn’t come from the outside, it comes from the forces of our own intelligence at work within our bodies. Think about it. When you get cut, or when you bruise, your own body goes to work to heal you. Researchers are finding more and more that allowing natural processes to occur is really the best way to help the body to heal from things. We let fevers take their course. We try not to stop vomiting when we’re sick. Lately, I’ve been seeing more research about the importance of not icing when injured, or after exercise. The inflammation that occurs following exercise is what produces the improvements that we are seeking when we exercise!

So, what’s the answer?

Chiropractic works with those processes. We aren’t trying to stop things from occurring. We aren’t even trying to fix what’s broken. What the adjustment is aiming to do is to allow your body to function better, more in line with what it wants, by improving communication and connection throughout. Then messages and directives show up cleanly, clearly, and with the optimal expression of that innate intelligence from which health is derived.

Sure, along the way, back pain and neck pain can get better, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about helping you to live a Brilliant Life. I invite you to try it. And if you already do, who do you know who could use Chiropractic care?

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