Have you ever considered that there are ways that your body speaks to you? (Guest Post by Kari Elliott, LMP)

Those aches, creaks and stiffness can be viewed as a valuable feedback loop, a message from our daily taxi service or even a warning from our very best and vested friend. Many times I have witnessed immediate reversals and relaxation during a session when an area of distress is recognized, validated and given voice.

Several years ago, I was faced with the decision to leave a dear friend’s back room where I did sessions each week to remain there or open my own Studio. There were many options on the table as her business was transitioning as well.

In the days that surrounded this event, my feet began to ache as if there were lead weights attached and each step was an effort to avoid some new area of pressure or pain. Despite knowing that our working together had to end, the act of breaking the cohesive support that had developed was causing great distress. Once I made the decision to move and actually signed the lease for my own space, my feet stopped aching and the pain receded to nothing! I simply had to laugh at myself. My body knew the answer!

As a bodywork practitioner, nutritional therapist, and energy healer, I have studied for the last 30 years to understand how the body communicates and how to let it have its voice ending the pain cycle.

You see, each area of the body, each organ and every gland is associated with specific emotions. We are, after all, simply energy in motion. Once we discover the source of the pain, then we can determine and test for which emotion is dictating our discomfort. Some of us live in denial of chronic pain or long term dysfunction simply because we can’t decipher the messages we are receiving from our body. What if there was a way to tell what is really driving your discomfort?

By testing to see which angle of the Trimetric of Wellness is affected, we can work on the Physical, Emotional/Mental or the very core of the Spirit. It is rather like peeling back the petals of a rose. Though each petals may be fragrant, the beauty lies in the unfolding. This is where my work differs from other forms of body therapy. There is little or no discomfort, no digging knots out, no stretching past the ‘catch’ point, no working the tissue until it submits. Together we do a little detective work to release patterns that have been held in the tissues, joints, bones, down to the very cells where those discordant memories are stored. My training and intuition allow me to locate the source and assist you in the release of the original event. Working under my guidance, you allow the new corrected range of movement, the pattern simply dissolves. Often a feeling of lightness and freedom are felt followed by a sense of wonder that something that has been an unwelcome visitor, perhaps for a very long time, is suddenly resolved. This is the joy I find in my work with each and every person who comes to my table.

Is there something that you would like to leave behind? I encourage you to schedule an appointment. I am currently available on Monday afternoons and alternate Saturdays. If those hours do not work for you, feel free to phone my cell @ 206-713-2298 or by email at mothwoman1@gmail.com.

Kari Elliott, LMP, NTP, MLC, CIHC

Certified in Natural Force Healing and Theta Healing

Temporal Sphenoidal Line Assessment and Visceral Manipulation

Developer of The C.A.R.E. Method and The Comprehensive Body Feedback System

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