Choose every moment

Years ago, before Brilliant Life Chiropractic got started, I went to a meditation retreat. It was ten days of silent seated meditation. We spent the entire time feeling the breath just under our noses and then putting awareness all over our bodies and minds and practicing acceptance. Our knees got achy and uncomfortable, our backs hurt, and at times it was all you could do to keep from falling asleep.


Acceptance is a hugely important tool. Generally speaking, the first thing one must do in any scenario is to accept that it is happening. Acceptance is how you maintain connection with reality. Not accepting something is almost like denying that it is happening, which means you can’t truly cope with it because you are denying reality itself. So the first thing to do with any experience, unpleasant or otherwise, is to accept that it is happening.

Another, even more powerful state to be in, especially in the face of adversity or discomfort is choice. You can choose where you’re at, right now. Choosing it has the ability to give you untold power in the face of it. It doesn’t mean you like it. It doesn’t even mean you are content to let it be, but choosing it is like acceptance on steroids. It’s as if you are taking life by the reins, no matter what happens.

Choose the bad stuff too

Think about it. Choose your back pain. Choose the leaky faucet. Choose the flat tire. When you stop resisting what happens to you and start choosing your life, you will find that things will work out better and better. You will discover new actions and new paths to take that will help you move through whatever it is that has you stuck. Choosing that flat tire gives you the power to deal with it powerfully and without regret or worry.

Resisting it will allow it to persist. So choose your life, every moment, every day, in every way.

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