Chiropractic is NOT Alternative Medicine

Chiropractic is NOT an alternative

Chiropractic is often labeled as an alternative healthcare, or alternative medicine. But it’s not an alternative to anything! The art of the Chiropractor is its own, unique, effective discipline, designed to help you function at your best.

Medicine is something else. It is, inherently, the treating of disease and symptoms to keep you alive. Medicine is fantastic at that, and when I’m bleeding out or broken, that’s where I go. When my daughter broke her arm recently, I took her to the ER, because that’s what they are good at. I also, when she could handle it, adjusted her arm and her spine to help her manage the fall.

Those disciplines are two different things. One is the treatment of disease, and the other isn’t a treatment at all! It’s a way of optimizing health, at any stage along your journey.

We see miracles, but…

Chiropractic is not a treatment for anything. Despite the miracles at Brilliant Life, we can’t actually say, that we treat asthma, colic, headaches, or even back pain. Because it’s not a treatment for any of those symptoms or conditions.

All the adjustment does is reconnect you with the part of you that heals you, that keeps you healthy, and that allows you to thrive. When you’re fully connected to that spark, your body will heal, and you will demonstrate your vitality.

But to say Chiropractic is an alternative to anything is missing the best of what it has to offer. Increased vitality, better functioning immune systems, clearer symptoms, and feeling better (not less, but better!).

I encourage each and every one of you to recognize that Chiropractic is a way to access health, to improve performance, and to live a Brilliant Life.

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