If you knew what I knew…

That’s how the saying goes, right? If you knew what I knew, you’d do what I do.

Well, I find that’s true for Chiropractic as well.

Health care providers have lots of different advice to give. It comes in many different forms, but what is often the most interesting thing is what do those health care providers actually do to take care of themselves? Moreover, how healthy are they?

Before attending Chiropractic school, I visited my chiropractor semi-frequently. I was an athlete (still am, I think) and I beat myself up pretty well, so every few weeks I would get to that point where my injuries and general stiffness weren’t being taken care of by my stretching and exercise programs. It was at those times I’d schedule with my chiropractor. He’d help me feel better until the next time, usually anywhere for one to six weeks later.

When I went to chiropractic school, I learned about how chiropractic can help with so much more than muscle aches and pain. It was really a way to bring together the intricacies of the entire human body so that it could function better altogether. I learned what true health really was, this harmonious and synchronous cooperation. It was a miraculous discovery for me. I committed to getting adjusted every single week from that point on.

And I still do that.

I want to kick chiropractors who think that getting adjusted is only for when you feel bad. I believe they are doing a disservice to their community by not educating about wellness Chiropractic care. It has made such a difference for me, and continues to make a difference for my family, my friends, and the people who I serve at Brilliant Life.

The other things I am committed to doing are eating well, keeping up my exercise program, staying positive, finding purpose in life, writing, and otherwise leading what is for me, a satisfying and fulfilling life. I get acupuncture on a regular basis. In addition, I get massage on a regular basis. I do all of this because my health is very important to me.

But nothing has the same powerful benefits for me as my regular adjusting regimen.

What are you doing to take care of yourself? Need some help? I’m here for you, and if you knew what I did, you would do what I do.

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