Healing is not a linear path

There are three stages of care that people progress through at Brilliant Life Chiropractic. It is not a one-way street, and people may pass in and out on their journey. As we like to say, healing is not a linear path.

1) Crisis care:

This stage of care is marked by profound and obvious symptoms. It is usually what brings people in to see us. At this stage of care, your capacity for life’s stresses has been maxed out and you are overflowing with stress. You might have just gotten there, or it might have been going on for some time. Either way, this is where you start. This stage of care requires the highest frequency of care. It’s much like first gear in a car. We need to start with more power to get you moving in the right direction. Once we’ve got you moving and you’re on the road to recovery, we can downshift.

The biggest changes that occur during Crisis care is an improvement in function such that the body can start to handle the stresses of life that are happening. There is little true healing that takes place here. It’s mostly a freeing of the nerves to allow for the next step, which is healing.

2) Healing Care:

This is my favorite stage of care. Imagine that in crisis care, your cup is overflowing. Crisis care takes you to the point where it is no longer spilling out. Healing care helps to empty your cup. By continuing care once symptoms have resolved, you allow greater adaptation of your body, through the nerves and tissues, to handle all of what life has to offer. It improves the cushion that you have to deal with stress, the amount of space in your cup to take in water.

When you’ve done enough healing care, you will find that the same things that used to stress you out, cause that pain, create indigestion, or give you that headache, won’t do that anymore. Partly, you will begin to recognize what events and actions create those stresses, but also, your ability to handle it will have simply increased. Your function has improved, and you are approaching optimum. By the end of care here, you will be close to it.

3) Wellness Care:

The bread and butter of healthy people. This stage of care is for people who want to maintain their health by continuing to maximize their nerve system function. This allows for ever greater improvement in all of your systems and ability to handle stresses of all kinds. The frequency here is very flexible as people are quite different in their needs for wellness care, but the general recommendation is no less often than 1x per month, and perhaps as often as 1x per week. The value of wellness care is undeniable.

Everything we do to try to keep healthy is a form of wellness care. When you care about what you eat, that’s wellness. When you exercise, not to get fitter, but to maintain your health, that’s wellness. Taking certain supplements can be a form of wellness care. Getting adequate sunlight and making sure you get quality sleep are also forms of wellness care. Chiropractic helps all of that to work better.

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