Frequency of Chiropractic

Why so often?

Some people complain about Chiropractors, both from within the profession and from society at large. That complaint goes like this: once you start going, you have to keep coming back for the rest of your life. Is that really the way it is, or are Chiropractors just after your money?

Well, I think people can always benefit from Chiropractic care. But do you know why?

If chiropractic worked on the idea of a bone out of place, it might work to get one adjustment alone, but it doesn’t. Chiropractic is about stress, and how that stress stores in the system. It’s about how the body learns patterns to deal with that stress, and how those patterns show up as tension throughout the body that can create tension on nerves, interfering with the function of these delicate structures.

Now, it is true that sometimes, one adjustment can have a terrific effect on someone’s health, restoring a tremendous amount of function in a very short time. I’ve helped people regain a full upright position after walking in huddled over in pain, and after one adjustment.

It is far more common for the care, and healing to involve a period of time where the adjustments allow the body to incrementally create changes to improve overall function. It can literally take days, weeks, or even months to create that change.

And that’s just about getting out of the crisis or acute stage of care. Once you’ve taken care of the crisis, the body still has patterns of tension, not enough to create symptoms, but enough to prevent optimal health. Our bodies learn these patterns over time. They therefore require time to shift. Birth trauma, childhood falls, slipping, carrying backpacks, are all stresses we encounter very early in our lives. Perhaps you slipped on the ice in one of Tacoma’s steep streets downtown.

And even then, once they’ve been shifted, you’re still living your life. I doubt you’re living your life without ever encountering stress.

You see, Chiropractic isn’t about fixing you, or curing you, but about helping you be your best self. Is there ever a time when you wouldn’t benefit from a Chiropractic adjustment? The only time I can think of is when you’re dead. If you’re alive, with a spine and a nerve system, you will benefit from getting adjusted.

And that’s why I advocate for wellness care. So that people can be their best. All the time. At any time.

If your nerve system isn’t fully connected, you can’t be your best self, or live a Brilliant Life. And you deserve to live a Brilliant Life, let it shine!

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