Expectations over Genetics


Expectations are key

Recently a website I enjoy perusing looked at a pair of studies in which the results were quite empowering. The website is Stronger By Science, and it is a group of powerlifters and bodybuilders who enjoy geeking out about science as it relates to lifting heavy weight. They also tend to look at all the components of that endeavor, including nutrition, lifting heavy things, supplements, etc.

Part of that conversation includes genetics, as it is assumed that there are genes that predispose one to greater muscle gains, greater strength, an ability to stay lean, and perhaps even avoiding hunger. Genetics plays a roll in these attributes, but it’s interesting to look at how much it does. I’ve said, since reading “Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton, that our environment can play a bigger roll than our genetics in the expression of health.

Genetics don’t cause disease

The analogy I like to use is that genetics don’t cause disease any more than a blueprint causes a house. That is, the environment must be present for the house to occur. That environment includes the materials, the workers, etc. The same is true of people. Our nutrition and activity levels play a roll in our health through the expression of genes. Those genes remain dormant without the proper environment.

So, to the study! These studies (there were two) looked at both aerobic ability and hunger signals. In each study, they did testing to gauge the affect in question, then informed the groups about their genetic status. Half of those who tested positive for the gene were told they were positive, and the other half told they were negative. And vice versa for those who tested negative. They found that the groups results after being informed of their status responded to their expectation based on how they were informed, far more than their actual genetics!

As an example, those who were told they had good genetics for aerobic capacity, whether they did or not, performed better than those who were told they had bad genetics for aerobic capacity, whether they did or not! Results like this are profound, and it shows why too much information can actually be detrimental to your health and your performance. In some cases, it can be very helpful to have that information, but don’t let it rule you!

You have the power

You may possess genes that predispose you to certain diseases. There is a lot you can change, in diet, movement, attitude, and more to make a difference. One can take many avenues towards health. You have the power to change your health! Ask us how at Brilliant Life Chiropractic!

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