A Toxic World


Toxins are everywhere

Modern science has given us incredible boons and benefits to the way we live our lives. Plastic, for example, has saved thousands of lives with the way we deliver medical care. It’s now possible to get food across the country without going bad. Our cars and planes get us anything we want or need within days. And we have medicines and chemicals that change the very nature of the world around us.

This comes at a price. Unfortunately, many of the things that have provided us such benefit can have a deleterious effect on our bodies. Plastic has components that mimic estrogen, disrupting hormones in our bodies, especially in our young ones. This causes an early onset of menstruation and puberty and can suppress sperm count. Toxins in our environment create more oxidative stress for us than has ever been seen on our planet. It contributes to the overwhelm to our system.

A caveman could live his whole life and not be exposed to the same level of carcinogenic oxidative stress as any of us just going outside for an hour on a busy city street. It is imperative that our water be clean, that our food be clean, and that we limit our exposure to toxins and man-made chemicals if at all possible.

Where are they found?

Many of them are found in our foods. Check out this list here.

Others are found around the house. Check out this list here.

Follow these tips and avoid as many of these toxins as possible. It will reduce the stress on your body, help you live longer, and get you more from your adjustments.

Drink filtered water. Our filter of choice is the Berkey, which eliminates all manner of contaminants, and can even make flood water safe to drink. It does this without stripping the water of the naturally occurring minerals that help make it healthy.

These foods contribute to inflammation and toxic load.

Eat organic and locally raised produce. These use fewer chemical pesticides, and use less fuel to arrive at their destination, thus reducing the carbon emissions for the planet.

Avoid processed food and seed oils. These are made with chemicals and compounds that barely qualify as food. And the seed oils often come from plants that we don’t use as foods at all, like canola oil. Canola, for example, is a plant called rapeseed, which we only use to extract this oil. It’s heavily processed, and unless it’s organic, it’s genetically modified, which most countries in the world have banned.

Avoid chemical cleaners. These would include the soap or shampoo you use in bathing, the gel or hair spray you use, the soap in your laundry, fabric softeners, dishwashing detergents, and anything you use around the house. Many of these contain chemicals that are known carcinogens and irritants. There is an app called the “ThinkDirty” app, which can help you track your bathroom, and see how it rates.

Candles, especially plug-in air fresheners, are horribly toxic. Most of those scented products use chemicals that can overexcite the nerve system and contribute to allergies and other problems. Some candles are ok, but most are not. Please avoid wearing strong perfumes or scents in the office. We diffuse essential oils in the office to provide a pleasant atmosphere.

Electronic toxins. Yes, even our cell phones and Wi-Fi can adversely affect our health. There is some scant but growing data that overexposure to these signals will disrupt proper brain function and could decrease our health. Additionally, limiting screen time for ourselves will give us a better outlook on life in general, as well as improving sleep.

Cigarettes and alcohol. Yes, if you haven’t heard, these are bad for you, and will decrease your health. Best to avoid them.

Medications. We cannot give any recommendations for any specific medications, except to say that these will add a toxic load on your system. Be careful when adding any medication to your regimen, and only use them for as long as directed. Look for and do alternatives whenever possible (like exercise and nutrition rather than taking a statin). Even over the counter medications carry risks, which is why we try not to use them whenever possible. Also, many symptoms that you experience are not solved with medication, they are only covered up, leading to other problems.

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